Monday, July 23, 2007

Houhai - One of My Favorite Spots in China

With Zhang Xiaoping at Houhai Lake in Beijing

There is nothing in Hollywood like Houhai. Nothing. Live bands, bars, restaurants, a couple of lakes, dance halls and shops all in one compact spot. On a recent trip to Beijing, I enjoyed one of my favorite new hotspots in the whole world -- Houhai, which means "Back Lakes"

Beijing’s Houhai lakeside neighborhood north of Tiananmen Square attracted only park-goers, weekend fishermen, or ice skaters, only three years ago. Ex-concert cellist Bai Feng opened his No Name bar (it had no sign, but filled up via word-of-mouth) and the scene was set for a new generation of stylish establishments. Houhai and adjoining lakes Xihai and Qianhai— collectively known as the Back Lakes were dug out in the Yuan Dynasty (14th century) to berth barges from the Grand Canal.

Over the past year, the area has gone upscale and emerged as the capital’s coolest neighborhood, with scores of bars, restaurants, and boutiques catering to the city’s chic. The mix of bars, restaurants and shops makes this spot second to none. And it really comes alive at night. (Source: Ron Gluckman)

Bambi Is Killing My Garden

First it was the sunflowers. I built a bamboo fence around a second planting and the deer still had a feast on the sprouts. Now Bambi is eating my one tomato plant. And it was doing so well. It is eating the leaves off of my melons vines

I am having evil thoughts towards Bambi. Fortunately he/she does not eat squash or zucchini. Other pests are munching on my pepper and okra plants. The deer strike at night. I have a photovoltaic-powered light on at night but that does not seem to be a deterrent. I had small rocks at the tops of bamboo reeds to drop down if they were touched. That did not work. I might have to go electric fence - - photovoltaic with battery next year.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Playing Golf Near Air Force One for Tougaloo College

Environment Man played golf at Andrews Air Force Base, which is where Air Force One is maintained. Andrews has 3 courses and EM played on the South Course at the Fifth Annual Golf Classic for Tougaloo College. It was a great golfing experience for a great college.

Tougaloo College, founded in 1869, is a private, historically black, coeducational four-year liberal arts institution, located on the northern edge of Jackson, Mississippi. Known as "The Cradle of the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi," Tougaloo College is led by its first female and 13th president, Dr. Beveer Wade Hogan, a 1973 graduate of Tougaloo College and a native mississippian.

Tougaloo College ranks among the top 50 U.S. institutions whose graduates earn PhDs in science and engineering disciplines and among the top 15 historically black colleges and universities in the graduation of females with undergraduate degrees in the physical sciences. Tougaloo College is the leading producer of African American health professionals, including over 40% of the physicians and dentists, practicing in the state of Mississippi. Among its graduates are more than one-third of the staate's African American attorneys and educators including teachers, principals, school superintendents, college/university faculty and administrators.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Adventure Begins

Spiderman. The Silver Surfer. Superman. Okay heroes. But I have the ultimately responsibility of protecting the Earth. The current danger is global warming and climate change. I am charged with mitigating or eliminating the negative effects of emissions within the Earth's atmosphere. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

It is now. It is always. It will be..........Environment Man.