Monday, April 11, 2011

Earth Day: Eman On Mall With Lady Gaga & Charlie Sheen?

Earth Day On The National Mall Environment Man To 'Blow The Roof Off The Sucka" Rumors are running rampant in the Nation's Capital that Eman will perform on Earth Day with Lady Gaga and Charlies providing backing vocals and instrumentation. Telephone. Winning. Bad Romance? Regardless, Eman tells us that he is 'ready to go.' E says that he intends to 'rock Lincoln in his memorial.'

The rumored set list includes Eman's mega hits "Lisa Jackson" and "Global Warming.' His ten minute set will include these numbers and Eman just might perform "Toxic Waste." Eman's spokepeople have shared that Eman is saving his super hit "Acid Rain" for a nighttime gig somewhere at one of Washington, DC's underground venues.