Saturday, November 10, 2012

Environment Man: The Movie


This movie combines elements of "The Matrix," "Purple Rain" and "Boyz and The Hood."

By day Norris McDonald works as an environmentalist.  His main program is operating the "Compton-To-Catalina" Program, taking kids from Compton, California to Santa Catalina Island.  By night, McDonald fights community and environmental crimes as Environment Man. 

McDonald's girlfriend works for the Los Angeles Times.  She's gorgeous and smart and fun and brings out the personality in wonkish McDonald.

Environment Man is McDonald's alter ego and is everything McDonald is not: brash, arrogant, a rock star, eccentric, narcissistic, reckless and juvenile.  He rocks out at an outdoor amphitheater each night for the tourists and regulars on the island.  Eman and his bandmates play hard and party hard.  This makes it a bit difficult for McDonald to do his policy work during the work week.

McDonald is secretly building a new type of nuclear power plant on the backside of the island.  The Pebble Bed Modular Reactor has only been built in China and McDonald is working with the Chinese to secretly build one here on the island.  The reactor is completed and is ready for a test.  Unbeknownst to McDonald, if the modular reactor works, the Chinese are secretly planning to utilize the modular reactors in a new fleet of submarines and aircraft carriers.

Meanwhile a new drug that has the properties of marijuana, cocaine and alchohol has entered areas all over the country.  It has taken a particularly pernicious hold in Compton.  It is being produced in massive underground warehouses in Compton and the gangs are engaged in all out warfare to try to control the street marketing of the product, which is called wussy.

The DEA makes a raid on one on these fortified drug warehouses and all 100 DEA agents are killed.  The National Guard is also repelled.  The governor calls on the president to utilize the Defense Department to destroy these warehouses.  Outrage ensures after a B-2 bomber is used to take out one of the sites with a bunker buster bomb.  The warehouses are free to crank out wussy full-time after this.

McDonald is impressed by a brilliant high school student on one of the island tours.  He allows her to intern with him. 

The downside of producing wussy is that it requires a lot of energy.  The drug lords are using diesel fuel and it requires railroad cars of oil shipped in every day.  They even have piplines bringing the oil in.  But it is producing massive amounts of air pollution and making the L.A. area's air even worse.

A drug lord stumbles upon the secret reactor while yachting on the windward side of the island.  They discover McDonald is behind it and scheme to get the reactors for their own energy use.   They kidnap his intern and threaten to kill her if McDonald does not cooperate. 

McDonald finds out what the Chinese are up to and confronts them.  They kidnap McDonald's girlfriend and threaten to kill her if he does not cooperate.

Environment Man recruits the members of his band, who are ex military and quite skilled, to retrieve his intern and girlfriend.  With help from the Obama administration, they  are equipped with the best weaponry available.

[Enter warehouse in Compton similar to Neo & Trinity rescuing Morpheus]

[Enter Chinese fortress beneath Great Wall- similar fight but even more fierce]

After rescues there is a final concert scene with rocking the house.

Pan up from the island's leeward side and numerous black boats are heading to the island with gang lords.

Numerous Chinese military vessels are also approaching the island on the windward side.

The End

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Arsenio Hall - New Talk Show - New Co-Host?

Fans Of Eman Pushing Cult Star To Be Hall Co-Host

Will EMan be Arsenio Hall's new co-host?  Speculation has it that Eman would be a combination of Ed McMahon, Doc Severinsen and Flavor Flav.  That's right.  Eman would be sidekick and band leader. 

Eman, Arsenio Hall
Arsenio has been chatting up getting a new chat show lately.  His win on Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" definitely raised his profile.  When Arsenio gets his new show, he will be challenged to show that he is current.  It has been some time since Hall stepped away from his massively popular late night talk show.  Why mess with success.  He can utilize his old formula because it was successful.  But he needs something new and different.

Arsenio Hall, Eman
EMan is that something new and different.  In fact, at this point in his life, Arsenio Hall really has nothing to prove.  So he should give Eman the room to try to upstage him every night.  It will push Hall to excel in what he does best: wow the American public.

Background: Environment Man is the epitome of the post-ironic 21st century American cultural attitude who combines environmentalism with capitalism and melds it into a character that is completely contemporary.