Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chthonic - Korean Heavy Metal Band

I went to China back in March and saw some interesting musical talent. Of course Chtonic - pronounced "THON-nic" - is a Taiwanese extreme rock band and they are playing Ozzfest this year. This is one interesting band. Female bassist. Drummer with the mouth covering. KISS inspired. Keyboards integrated very well into metal genre (eat your heart out Van Halen). An erhu in metal rock. That is a first. Erhu (hena in Taiwanese) is a two-stringed traditional Chinese violin.

Guitarist Jesse (the Infernal), bassist Doris (Thunder Tears), keyboardist CJ (Dispersed Fingers) and drummer Dani (Azathothian Hands), Su-Nung (the Bloody String). Check'em out below:

My Crocs

Environment Man's Corner. I bought a pair of Crocs at Wal Mart while visiting Asheville, North Carolina. They are the same color as the ones pictured at right. Crocs were launched in 1999 from Niwot, Colorado. Crocs exploded from $24,000 in 2002 to $810 imillion today. Crocs is a public company and they are expanding the brand into apparel.

They ARE so comfortable. The question is: are they environmentally friendly? They are made of plastic. Actually they are made of a water-resistant light weight derivative of pliable, plastic resin. I am not an enemy of plastic. It has actually made life much better for people worldwide. I am against it being tossed out as litter.