Monday, August 1, 2011

Environment Man In The Organic Garden: Garden of Nede

In a time of global climate change, debt debates, inner city murder, unemployment and terrorism, a superhero has emerged to mitigate the corrosion. Nuclear powered and photovoltaically tanned, Environment Man is friend to the poor, enemy of the evil doers, and dangerous to those ruining the Earth.

Of course, a superhero must have his down time. Eman retreats to his backyard garden to tend the corn, squash, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, watermelons, canteloupes, cucumbers, broccoli and flowers. It recharges his lithium ion battery. Moreover, security lighting is provided by solar powered motion lights.

The backyard and garden are wildlife and plant reserves. Squirrels munch the corn and tomatoes. Groundhogs munch the broccoli. The deer eat the melons whenever the opening door is left open.

And then there is the organic fence, constructed from wood products from the nearby forested area.

After a hard day of climate fighting and private sector challenges, Eman retreats to his very own fortress of solitude.

Wind propelled and mobile via plug-in hydrogen fuel cell hybrid electric environmentmobile, E-Man wants the public to know this:

"It is now, it is always, it will be.....Environment Man."

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